How we wear our hair matters as much as what we wear on our bodies. For a fitting, well-groomed hairstyle can enrich your facial features as much as a well-tailored wardrobe can enhance your bodily build. To that end, we will advise you on what kind of trim, style, perm, wave, rinse, or highlighting will flatter your face to the fullest.


Since your face tends to make the first impression on someone, the type of makeup you apply can really make a difference in that regard. Our makeup specialist will help you determine which kinds of primer, foundation, face powder, concealer, rouge, mascara, eyeliner, eye-shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, etc., will flesh out your face to its most fascinating.

We go beyond one-to-one cosmetic consultation to host makeup tutorials, workshops and parties in which women learn how to apply the cosmetics.This gives a woman the best sense of what kind of image she is conveying to others, so she may adjust and fine-tune her makeup until she gives the desired impression.

Club Vida also offers house-calls to makeup parties at women’s homes, so she can counsel on cosmetics and women can apply them in a relaxed, casual, friendly atmosphere.