Ella Tang is the founder and designer of TANGOELLA, a ready-to-wear clothing line for busy metropolitan women, and has provided image and style consultation services for two years.

Her artistic sensibility and spatial thinking expertise have enabled her to design fashion collections that embody modern elements with an edgy twist, bringing her TANGOELLA line to life. A designer with a purpose, she believes in empowering people to look and feel better about themselves in all aspects of their lives by offering them simple yet stylish, tasteful, versatile clothing suitable for multiple occasions.

Ella has expanded her commitment to bringing out the best in people with Club Vida, her image, style and wardrobe consultation service. Assisting her clients with their apparel, makeup and hairstyle choices in a three-pronged approach to boosting one's self-esteem with style, fashion and beauty, Ella seeks to build the well-rounded individual with her eye for all aspects of appearance as well as apparel.

Born in Taiwan, Ella received a master's degree in computer science and mathematics from the University of Massachusetts , but then found her calling in fashion design and earned a degree in it at the School of Fashion Design in Boston. She then worked as a senior designer for such well-known companies as Talbots, Timberland, New Balance, TJX, and Nic+Zoe in the Boston area before launching TANGOELLA at the beginning of 2015 and Club Vida in 2018.

TANGOELLA's timeless pieces introduce a rhythm that impacts the wardrobe and makes its owner feel effortlessly beautiful and confident. With close attention to real-life day-to-day needs, the masterfully constructed pieces from TANGOELLA are inspired by both the casual and the formal activities that define cosmopolitan life as a whole. Ella takes a similar approach to Club Vida, applying her broad knowledge of style, color and fashion to help both men and women look and feel their best.